XnRetro: Filters like Instagram for PC

XnRetro Filters like Instagram for PC - 1

We apologize to the Conservatives of the status quo, but in geeks beta we are revolutionaries lovers and we are always looking for alternatives to what seems to have been established without competition.

In this case, we went to look for an alternative but also to solve a problem for those who want filters like Instagram for their photos but not necessarily participate in this social network.

XnRetro is the answer and works both for PC, Linux and Mac OS X.

Taking pictures is not enough to satisfy our desire for artistic transcendence. Well, I don’t know if both. But it is true that all you want to give an original touch to this Photo we took of the same cat, every day, in the same position.

Instagram has made filters and image adjustments the reason for its success, as well as a fashion, aesthetic representation that has found millions of receivers. When wanting to use it, the smart mobile are chosen by the platform as the favourite, leaving a little side of desktop computer users because it does not have an official application.

For each missing, developers have seen the opportunity to give life to XnRetro, a program that gives you filters like Instagram for PC.

With a name that honors some of its filters star, the applicationXnRetro dares to make your photos once you’ve taken them with the web camera or your camera. To operate you must install without much effort and once on the main screen, go for the file you want to edit and load it to the icon of the folder or through the menu File.

XnRetro Filters like Instagram for PC - 2

You can also load it through Drag and Drop. We started comfortable and now let’s go to the controls, from where you can change the brightness and contrast up to the level of exposure, the balance sheets of colors, saturation, and more.

If yours is not the customization in detail and more like what is predetermined, the program offers a good amount of presets you can choose with a click.

By way of separation via lower lashes, the first screen shows Retro and the second goes by the lights. Thirdly, you can modify the bullet and in quarter the focus in the box on the photo, very popular effect in the photographic hipsterism of Instagram.

In XnRetro you can switch between various formats to save your picture retouched and the best thing is that you can upload them to the favorite social network via the menu of the program. Then choose whether you want to end in Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr, Facebook, Imgur, ImageShack, YFrong, TwitPic and GlowFoto, among other. All seems less Instagram.

The test we did was located in Windows 7, but works very well with Windows 8 in addition to Linux and Mac.

You can download XnRetro using the links below: