Windows Blue will be called Windows 8.1

We have already spoken on many occasions about Windows Blue, and why we have received well little information from Microsoft.

windows blue 8.1 []

The last thing we saw were some leaked screenshots changes which receive their GUI.

We also knew that Windows Blue is just a codename used within Microsoft to refer to this wave of updates.

Windows blue is just a codename

What they didn’t know was its official name, and seems that door out, will be Windows 8.1.

The superior capture, that we will have to take the usual caution, comes from

Microsoft will continue to use the Windows 8 brand to advertise your operating system, as it has continued selling Windows Phone 7 as such (and not with the successive versions).

This update, by the way, does not seem to be free, even though its price should not be very high (at least for the current users of Windows 8).

But reading the news at the Google plus Windows 8 page they said that won’t charge any user with a fee it will be like others Services Packs offers by Microsoft.