Windows 8.1 can bring back the Start button

Windows 8 tablet []

It is a rumor that increasingly takes on more weight: Microsoft is evaluating to return certain system features missing in Windows 8 to the dissatisfaction of the users. One of them we already did echo a few days ago: directly access the desktop to start Windows 8. The other is quite significant: Windows 8.1 could bring back the “Start” button.

In theory, the return of such functionality is not in original plans Windows 8.1 (Blue Windows), but they are the most popular by users. News around the shortcut to the desktop leading several days going through the network, and it seems that Microsoft is actually considering this possibility, as well as to restore the “Start” button.

There is no security in this regard and any of the two functions can be present in Windows 8.1 – or both-, whose debut is expected this summer. You will have to wait to leaks that appear in the network on Windows 8.1, or the preview which is expected in June.

Perhaps the return of the home button, or direct starting, is important for many people because of the inertia. After the months that I have been working with Windows 8, I’ve grown accustomed to his absence and increasingly the least strange.

Windows 8 confusions

Yes I believe relevant to the triumph of the next versions of Microsoft’s operating system, is that it abandons its hybrid character and focuses on the Modern UI interface. Working with tablets Modern UI applications are a delight, and in the desktop, despite not having touch hardware, some of which begin to appear are really interesting.

Windows 8 in my opinion

What cannot work is to have the mix of traditional desktop, which is uncomfortable to work, alternating with the interface Modern UI with touch hardware. It is a change so radical experience that ends up confusing. That is the Achilles heel of Windows 8, in my opinion.