Twitter for Windows 8, how to use Twitter app

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Twitter for Windows 8 is here. The popular microblogging social network, Twitter, has launched an application dedicated to the platform of Windows 8.

This program is designed to take advantage of the touch capabilities of this system, and has a number of interesting features that can be content to regular users of Twitter.

However, its launch has been surrounded by several errors of operation which can be very annoying. We tell you how this native application of the social network and all the innovations that incorporates.

We have to start with the downside of this app, since we have taken several days to gain entry to this service (whenever he began to connect to the server the program back to the main interface of Windows 8).

As it has been seen in the comments when this app, it is a fairly widespread problem. The first step in using this tool is to introduce data from our Twitter account to enter.

In the event that we have already synchronized with Windows 8 Twitter account, we only authorize the app to run it in the background.

Twitter for Windows 8 tips

The program takes a few seconds to connect to the service and then shows us a home screen with the latest tweets from the contacts.

These tweets are placed in the central part of the screen in a white box. In the left part of the panel we have four main menus:

  • Home
  • Connect
  • Discover
  • Me

On the right side we find the button to write a new tweet and a button to search. The start menu is used to access this timeline of the tweets of our contacts.

Twitter for Windows 8 menu

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The menu of connect shows the interactions that we’ve had with other users of the social network. “Discover” is the menu with the different trends that we can find on the net (as for example the hashtags); while in the menu of the account we can edit the different options of our user on Twitter.

In this case, it offers us the possibility of edit profile (in this case, if we click go to web platform for Twitter). We can also see the followers of our account and users that we follow, as well as the ability to send a direct message.

If we press on one of the users, we find one of the innovations that have been included in this Twitter app. User photos are shown in the form of mosaic with different sizes of thumbnails.

Click on one of them, we will see the image in full screen.

Another new feature of Twitter for Windows 8 is the ability to search within Twitter from any other app. To do this, drag the mouse to the lower right corner and then to the magnifying glass.

Within the menu we choose the social network option and type the desired term. In addition, we also have the ability to share content from other apps like the Internet Explorer browser from the menu share (also on the right side of the screen).

Twitter for Windows 8 shortcuts

This application becomes very agile if we use the abbreviations of the keyboard. The combination of the Windows key + H serves to share, while the Windows key + Q will make appear the search panel.

As you could expect, another interesting use of this app is the ability to drag it to one of edges of the screen to be used at the same time as the desk or other app Windows 8.

Once you get to avoid the problems of the beginning, we have an interesting and very functional application. You can download free of charge from the store of Windows 8.