Top 5 URL shorteners

Top 5 URL shorteners

Do you need to shorten a web address to put on Twitter or on printed materials? Here are the 5 most popular URL shorteners on the network.

What are the shorten URLs?

The shorten URLs are tools designed to achieve a summary link that drift to a web page or blog. It used to ignore very long addresses that occupy much space and impede legibility. Thanks to these tools, a website whose address URL is 500 characters, it could be summarized to just 10.

Why use URL shorteners?

It is simple. When you have a huge address, visitors will have difficulties to remember it and be able to access the site. Especially if you must place it in advertisements or printed, that you can’t have the practicality of the direct link. The shortening solves this problem, achieving a shorter web address, easier to remember and ideal if you need to put it in a post to Twitter, among other uses.

The 5 most popular URL shorteners

Bit.LY: it is the shortening more chosen by users around the world, accessible via the web from any device, and allows you to configure a Tweetdec, which makes all your URLs to automatically shorten. You can also customize it after the name “ /”. It also offers reports and free stats, which is very convenient if you want to know how many clicks had the link, among other data.

Goo.GL: the Internet giant was not left behind and launched its, a shortening of extremely simple to use, but without the provision of customization of URLs. It offers complete statistics, the style of Google, and also the possibility to create QR codes, for those who seek to incorporate them.

Ow.LY: another popular Shortener, Hootsuite is. This service provides reports generated clicks and can be used without accessing the provider. It allows to shorten URLs and also images, providing access to your website. this service is one of the Favorites for novice users, for its ease of use. It allows to customize the URL and also create them for mobile devices, incorporating a description of the URL. It also provides access to analysis and statistics of clicks, referrals and much more.

Shareaholic: Finally, Shareaholic provides its service to shorten web addresses. It can be used on any browser and makes it easy to shorten the URL, immediately share it on Twitter, and some more functions.