The next iPhone 5s only will be an improved version

The next iPhone 5S could be what is called an incremental version. This means that the next generation of iPhone will not have improvements of high significance.

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They are data that reveals a study reported by the average Digitimes about the future iPhone 5S.

Sources close to the supply chain of components have indicated that Apple would be working so that the device can go to market before the end of the third quarter of the year, that is, in September.

In fact, the Assembly line would begin at the end of May, in order to comply with the times marked by Apple.

You would be, according to this same medium, an incremental update rather than a completely revamped version, such as happened at the time with the launch of iPhone 4S, back to the iPhone 4.

This does not mean that Apple there is no thinking about incorporating some functions to your new product. If not, the presentation of another device would not have any sense.

Rumors say that the new iPhone 5S will integrate a lot faster than the current processor. It would be a piece called A7, correlative to the current numbering, whose number of cores still undisclosed. But there is more.

Apparently, the next Apple smartphone would make gala for a feature not seen in this kind of devices.

We refer to a fingerprint reader, useful for carrying out tasks of recognition. We would also see some arrangements in the camera system, although we have no notion of how many pixels it would incorporate.

We do know that the lens would complement with an intelligent flash that would use white and yellow LED lights to improve the resulting colors of the snapshot.

But this would not be the only product that Apple would introduce before September. And it is that the firm is quite concerned about increasing its share in the global market.

Apple could learn a new model of low cost made of a plastic material. He has spoken on many occasions about this possibility, but the truth is that Apple has never been encouraged to unveiled a phone with these characteristics.

Terry Guo, the Chairman of Foxconn Electronics, company which usually lead the manufacture of iPhone and iPad for Apple, has announced that the company expects to begin Assembly tasks after receiving the components, from the months of April and may.

If the parts arrive without delay, the new Apple iPhone 5S would be ready to be sent through the usual channels of sale for a launch in the third quarter of this year 2013.

We will be attentive to communicate any news about his arrival at the Assembly line or any other information that will allow us to advance a temporary sheet on which is one of the most anticipated phones of the year, with permission from the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One presented just a few days.