Samsung Galaxy S4 image uploaded to Twitter

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 this time has not needed any filtration to teach what is approaching: Samsung has hung in his official account of Twitter the first official image of the famous Samsung Galaxy S4.

The image is something dark and terminal is not appreciated in its entirety, although it could confirm alleged that have appeared on the network images that appeared during the day yesterday.

There are only two days for the Korean company Samsung raise back to the stage and present its next ship logo. The company knows that their releases create buzz and more if it’s regarding next year.

Many have been the rumors that have appeared on the Internet, indeed, yesterday knew some real images of the so-called Samsung Galaxy S4.

But Samsung has come to pass and has posted on Twitter the first image of your next smartphone. The image that was attached to one of the last messages asked his followers if they were ready for the next event of March 14 and left a track: the upper part of the new team.

Rumors of the new Samsung Galaxy S4

Also, yesterday left to see a model unknown so far in the catalog of the Asian manufacturer. In addition, among photographs you could see possible specifications:

  • five inch display diagonal
  • Full HD resolution
  • camera 13 megapixel camera
  • quad-core processor running at 1.8 GHz.

Hours later the filtration another rumor emerged in the network: it could be a version of the flagship of Samsung phone dual SIM but only focused on the public Chinese, territory where it is usually more practical to operate with two different phone cards, depending on the region in which the user is.

Meanwhile, the image that has hinted the official Twitter of the Korean giant account could confirm that the so-called team that was running with Android 4.2 was, indeed Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be presented in New York.

Image of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser []

In addition, it might be perfectly of a model that was halfway between the current Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. All this watching will be like the top Smartphone that has been suggested.

Now, there might be similarly of a manufacturer strategy to mislead the public, and let the surprise for the last time. And, therefore, to have taught only a part of which is currently the winning horse – and maximum reference – in the sector Android: Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the same way, are still to be confirmed all the filtered characteristics.

Moreover, it is not yet known if its user interface will also undergo some change and if you can manage to Sony Xperia single style and its floating touch technology; i.e.: if it can manage team menus without hardly touching the screen icons, or if really the front camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 will allow the user to manage the terminal with the eyes.