Samsung also works in a smart watch

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Smart watch is the next tech war. The South Korea company plans to fight the Apple device One of its executives confirmed it.

With every great digital release of a company a war of products is assembled. First was the MP3 player, smart phone, Tablet and, now, seem that the next will be the smart clock.

We know that Apple is working on it and now Samsung announced that it will present himself to fight against the Apple Company.

A smart watch war is coming

Apple does not officially announce that he works in a watch, but all the rumors are running the iWatch launch sometime in 2013.

This device would have a screen flexible 1.5 inches and an adapted version of iOS, its operating system for mobile devices.

Whatever it is, Apple is not only. Now, it said Lee Young Hee, one of the executives of Samsung, South Korea company also works on your own watch. They revealed that work on devices of the future and that “the clock is definitely one of them”.

What will do a smart watch?

The only thing that is known and you can expect almost in a way confirmed by the new watches is that they will have:

  • A notification system
  • Music playback
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Maps
  • Pedometer
  • Physical activity monitor

We have to remember that the first company of technology to make a smart watch was Sony and was show it for the first time on CES 2011.

The name for this smart watch is still a rumor but some Samsung tech blogs says the name know for now is Samsung Altius.

I know that in this year we are going to see more news and info about this new Samsung device and all its features.

Samsung is leading the world in the Smartphone and now they are looking new business opportunities in others markets.