Preview links to images and videos on Twitter using Previeweet for Chrome

Every day, millions of photos and videos are shared on Twitter. But those images and videos will appear as a link. So before you click on that link, you cannot know what is behind that link unless the user write something about.

Preview links to images and videos on Twitter using Previeweet for Chrome

Today I came across a new extension called “Previeweet for Chrome“, that helps you to see a prior showing thumbnails of the images and video in the timeline links. If you’ve used Twitpic, you’ve seen a thumbnail appears together with the tweets that have video links and images.

Previeweet will do the same in the web interface of Twitter, we’ll see how.

You can download the extension in Previeweet. Once the installation is complete, go to your Twitter account and update the page. You will see thumbnails of the videos and pictures on your wall. It is a very simple extension, that it is not necessary to do anything after installing. If you don’t see images even after updating the page, clear your browser cache and refreshing the page.

You were not going to show the preview any link on your wall. Only the image and video links are supported on this service.

Previeweet now supports more than ten video services and popular images sharing and includes :

  • Twitter default pic and video
  • Dodge
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Photobucket

If you can’t see the image of a link, means that the service used to share the picture or video is not compatible with the extension.

The thumbnails will also carry the icon of the service that is shared the link of image or video

Instead of clicking blindly to the links in tweets, Previeweet give you an idea about what is behind the link making it an extension for chrome to consider for Twitter lovers.

Download Previeweet for Chrome