How to create an account

To create a new outlook email account it more easy every day and with the new interface that Microsoft have made keep walking for a good road.

Emails now day are very essential for working or life living and each of us need it to communicate to each others and with outlook you will have the best way using an email.

Outlook is the new way to communicate between Microsoft account and is the new name give to their predecessor emails account hotmail. Each account created in will be useful for Xbox Live, SkyDrive and any other Microsoft services.

I will show you step by step how to create an Outlook account.

Create an Outlook account Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is going to the new Microsoft site Outlook and follow the instruction below.

Outlook account step 1

One you are on the outlook site you will see a screen like this, so for creating a new account see the red square and click on the Sing up now link.

Late will appear another screen like the image below with the rest of instruction where you will need to type your real information.

Outlook Screen 2

Create an Outlook account Step 2

The second part of creating a new Outlook account is divided into 5 group of fields that you need to fill to complete the entire registration form. These groups in mode of questions are:

  • Who are you?
  • How would you like to sign in?
  • If you lose your password, how can we help you to reset it?
  • Where are you from?
  • Help us make sure your not a robot

Outlook: Who are you?

On this part like you see on the image below you have to type your personal information like name,last name, when did you born and your gender. Remember type your real information later i will tell you why.

outlook who are you

How would you like to sign in?

The main part of everything is this because you have to choose your name of email, try to get one that you and your friend can remember very easy and then type a strong password combining letters in lower case and upper case and once again something that you and only can remember in a easy way.

outlook how would you like to sign in

If you lose your password, how can we help you to reset it?

Here is an important thing to do in case that your forget the password that you choose above for recover it your account. You have three options one is choose a question and answer created by yourself or using another email account as a recovery that could be a email from one of your friends that is my preferred method because sometimes we forget the question or the answer and the last one is using your real Mobile number.

outlook if your lose your password

To recover an Outlook account can take more time so, i will create another tutorial explain that part.

Outlook: Where are you from?

Be honest with this type your real country of origin and your zip code, in some cases the zip code won’t appears according to the country chosen.

outlook choose your country

Help us make sure your not a robot

Last thing to do if to type the correct captcha and click the accept button and the end of the site and you will be done. Once you have an Outlook account you are ready to use every Microsoft Service. The captcha is one of the way that Outlook now if your are or not a human and reduce the spam on the web.

I hope that helps you to create an Outlook account in just a couple steps.