Make Gmail in Google Chrome default mail client

The Google Chrome browser and its counterpart Chromium not have options nowadays to set default programs. Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer offer settings to set default programs for e-mail, videos and other types of files, which is useful if the system by default uses applications or those defined by default in the web browser are not that users want to use.

Firefox users can for example change the Protocol mailto, which is the Protocol that defines the service or application that is used to send electronic mail from the mail program default to Gmail or on the web and other applications installed locally-based services.

Google Chrome does not offer this feature so far. However, there are some extensions that can make Gmail the mail client by default in Google Chrome.

Google has created an official extension for Chrome browser called Send From Gmail, which offers functionality. The extension is automatically redirected links from mail to Gmail. Some users have criticized by placing a button in the address bar of Chrome that leads to Gmail.

Make Gmail in Google Chrome default mail client

Those who prefer a non-button version can install Send using Gmail (No button) instead of providing the same functionality but without the address bar button.

Make Gmail in Google Chrome default mail client 2

Please let us know if you have found another way to change the default Chrome browser programs.