How to make cell phone battery last longer

Some tips to make our cell phone battery last more time, and avoid setbacks that affect daily activities.

How to make cell phone battery last longer

Tips for caring for the cell phone battery

The phone, currently, is essential for many people, in order to comply with work, home and all communication needs. But these phones serve not only to speak or send messages. Today its use is varied, and each one of them, consume, without realizing, the battery of the same.

Some special phone, literally “eat” the battery in a short time, this makes the majority of the people must be the charger everywhere that comes with the known risk of forgetting it or lose it at some point. This happens, for not having to run out of battery in half a day or an important conversation.

But there are some Tips that we can carry out, so that our cell phone battery last more time and avoid setbacks that affect daily activities that we have to meet.

Charging the cell phone battery

  • You have to know, that the more the cell is loaded shorter it is the life of the battery, IE there is plug it the time needed to charge it and not for 6 hours. It load it by more time doesn’t mean that you last more, only that the battery should be replaced more quickly.
  • When the cell is loaded, it is best that it is switched off, thus recharge faster and as we have already said, we disconnect it just to complete loading.
  • Recharge the battery when it drops and not all the time, because this only helps to damage the battery. The ideal is to control, as they are disappearing bars that mark the battery charge how much time more hard, then will know the charge time remaining.

How to care for the cell phone battery

Avoid exposure of the battery to heat sources. Some batteries are sensitive to it, whether it be heaters, radiators or heat of the Sun.

How to care for the cell phone charger

Also the charger should take care, which has a life time of use. At the time that no we are using it, disconnect it from the mains, this will cause the charger to last us longer and we will also help with energy saving.

Other useful tips

  • If possible, you can count on an extra battery, thus always we would have a ready for operation battery and avoid the transfer of the charger, and the search for a plug whenever we have discharged battery. Simply remove it, put the loaded and resolved the problem.
  • All phones come with an accompanying manual, which, if we read it fully and thoroughly, inform us the average battery life, this way you will know how long can be used without fear of running out of battery.
  • When you buy a cell phone we (most do not), it is important to ask, inquire about which is the duration of the battery of the same, maybe is suitable to opt for another model with a battery of longer duration than the first model chosen.
  • Who all know other alternative, such as work or home phones, so, when you find yourself in those places you can turn off the cell phone and stay connected by conventional lines.
  • Avoid other uses that are not as useful and necessary communication through calls and messages. Do not use the phone to listen to music, radio play, the bluetooth, etc.; that you spend a lot of battery soon.