Logitech launches new PC Accessories for video games

Logitech g700s [gadgetbeta.com]

Logitech has almost two decades innovating in the field of accessories for PC Gaming. It has just introduced a new line of products, which include various models of mice, two special gaming keyboards and headphones two games for this first.

The goal is always the same: enhance the experience of practice games. To do this, the company’s equipment has studied hands react when they hold a mouse during games.

To increase the comfort and resistance, House engineers have put protective layers against fingerprints and the material that is in contact with the Palm of the hand is hydrophobic, to prevent sweat from adhering to the mouse.

Logitech G mice feet are also made of Teflon to reduce friction to the minimum and you can slide quickly and smoothly.

All these new products Logitech Gaming will be available in European stores at the beginning of the month of may 2013. Logitech G700s is a special video game rechargeable wireless mouse.

According to the manufacturer, it is eight times faster than a normal USB mouse. When it is exhausted the battery, the player still continue the game while it is recharging through the USB cable with connector micro.

Logitech PC Accessories

The handle is rough on the sides to ensure it is fastened firmly. It includes three programmable buttons to suit the consumer. The sale to the public of the G700s price is € 100. For its part, the Logitech G500s (70 Euros) is a laser mouse that is aimed at players of FPS (first person shooters).

logitech g510s [gadgetbeta.com]

It adapts well to any surface and the dual wheel button is ultra fast. The user can modify the ballast and the Centre of gravity with up to 27 grams of configurable weights. It has ten programmable buttons and the user can adjust the precision from 200 dpi (dots per inch) dpi up to 8,200, thanks to two buttons near the position of the index finger.

Like the previous one, the new Logitech G400s (60 Euros) is also designed to meet the needs of players of FPS. It is an optical mouse with eight programmable buttons and a useful life of 20 million clicks.

On the other hand, the Logitech G100s (40 Euros) is also an optical mouse, but is intended to practice games RTS and MOBA. Like the G400s, advanced sensor incorporates Delta Zero great accuracy.

The Logitech G19s (120 Euros) is a keyboard of games that incorporates an integrated LCD panel, where you can display all kinds of information customized according to the user’s needs, such as statistics, inventory, and any other data.

It is even possible to change the color of the backlight of the panel (16 million tones), and assign a mode to each color within the same game.

You can configure a dozen of 36 different function buttons. For the same money, it is possible to buy a Logitech G510s, a games keyboard that offers 18 programmable keys to be able to assign up to 54 functions from three modes, with three independent reports. Your LCD panel is also customizable.

Manufacturer either forgot to renew their headphones for games. The Logitech G430 (80 Euros) offer surround sound with Dolby Headphone technology, which simulates 7.1 channels.

The user can activate the microphone noise cancellation to improve the uptake of its voice. Finally, the Logitech G230 (60 Euros) provide stereo sound and its flexible microphone also has noise cancellation.