Keyboard shortcuts for using Gmail

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to optimize activities in any application, including here the email from Google: Gmail. Discover the most popular and how to enable them.

Keyboard shortcuts for using Gmail

How to activate the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

To activate the use of the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail go to settings, the menu with the drawing of a gear located above and to the right of the screen. There, select settings, and on that screen opens the General tab (by default, already visible).

Search the sector relevant to the combinations and hotkeys, and activate enabling the checkbox. Then it continues down on the screen and click on the save changes button. The option is already active, and time to know the abbreviations.

List of keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

  • C or Shift+C – opens the window to compose a new message. If you press just C it will open in the same screen, while the combination Shift+C will do it in a separate window.
  • / -Moves the cursor directly to the search box without using the mouse.
  • Esc – removes the active text box cursor.
  • J, K, P and N – move the cursor between messages and conversations on the order of the list, respectively: previous and next.
  • Or, Enter – change the display settings for the current conversation, expanding it or shrink it respectively.
  • U – Redirects automatically to your Inbox.
  • And – allows you to automatically archive messages.
  • M – Automatically archives the talks and the following to strings.
  • X – Allows you to select / deselect the talks.
  • S – Allows you to place prominent stars.
  • [  ] -Allows archiving the current conversation or see the previous (“[” for the previous “]” for the following)
  •   ! -Label the current message as Spam or junk.
  •  # -The conversation moves to the trash.
  • R, Shift+R – allows you to create an automatic response in the same or in a new window, respectively.
  • A, Shift+A – allows you to automatically create a response to all the addresses of the message.
  • F, Shift+F – forward the message, also in the same or in a new window.
  • CTRL + s – Save draft the active message.
  • Shift+I, Shift+U – allows you to mark the message as read or unread.
  • Z – Undo the last action.
  • Shift+N – allows you to update the current conversation.

Other combined

Press the G-key and then the following:

  • To see all the emails.
  • S to view the featured posts.
  • C to the contacts.
  • D to drafts.
  • (I) to go to the Inbox.