How to install Chrome extensions in Opera

One of the positive effects of the change to Blink, the same engine of browser Google Chrome, is that Opera users can directly access the many extensions of this browser and install Chrome extensions in Opera. That is in theory at least, but when you go to the website of Chrome extensions you will notice that there is no way to install the extensions by using the add to Chrome button does not appear on the page.

If it continues the investigation of the subject, you’ll notice that you can install Chrome extensions from sources of third-party, download, for example, trouble-free sites. The only factor that prevents installation in the Chrome web store is the button Add deleted there.

Although I am not a fan of the web shop of Google, it is fair to say that it offers the safest installation of Chrome extensions.

Then, can we install Chrome extensions in Opera?

It is necessary to download a new extension that was created for this purpose. Download Chrome Extension adds the download button back to the Chrome web store so you can download and install extensions listed here.

Note: Most of the Chrome extensions seem that works great in Opera. However, there are some who may not be compatible. I’ve tried several, Adblock Plus, turn off the lights or stylish everything seems to work fine. Extensions that handle pages or custom features for Opera or Chrome not. This includes many pages Eyelash extensions, for example.

A new icon is added to the opera when the download Chrome extension is installed in the browser. You have to click on its icon whenever you want to install extensions from the Chrome web store.

You only have to visit the page of chrome and extensions in the extension that you want to install and click the icon to install it. Opera blocks the installation by default, but shows a small notice at the top.

How to install Chrome extensions in Opera

the extension is disabled because it is of unknown origin. but then go to the Extensions Manager to enable it.

Simply open opera://extensions in the browser. Here you should find the extension, but disabled. This is different from how Google Chrome is in charge of this type of facility, since it does not show the facilities of third parties at all, but only to download them to the local system.

Click the button to install the extension. You will see a list of the permissions that the extension needs to work.

How to install Chrome extensions in Opera

Click on the button “install” again to add to the browser. As an alternative, you can click the x icon to remove Opera extension.

Between Chrome and Opera compatible extensions is without doubt positive, already operates users can directly access the large library of extensions for Chrome immediately and use most of the extensions in opera…

You can also download the official Opera extensions add-ons.