Instagram for Windows Phone could reach in may

Instagram for Windows Phone could reach in may

New rumors suggest that Instagram for windows phone, the best known social network of photographic filters, could reach the Windows Phone platform in the coming months.

Rumors that take with tweezers given its origin, although there are images that would support this premise. A story that, be happy no doubt, many users still waiting the arrival of this application for its terminals.

Instagram for Windows Phone #2InstaWithLove

Something so users of Nokia devices have even fought to creating the hastag or tag #2InstaWithLove (for Instagram with love) on the social network Twitter to increase pressure on perpetrators and the development of a version of this charismatic social network for its terminals.

This new rumor comes from a suspicious account of twitter. And it seems to have been created specifically to filter this information, as well as other two titles more, such as the actual Racing 3 game and Temple Run 2, also for Windows Phone.

All through several tweets or messages that are only based on a couple of pictures where you can see the logo of these titles on the typical download page of the Windows Phone store. Although there are several more data.

Thus, if this source, Instagram and both games mentioned above, will be available in the month of May. And Moreover, it says, in the case of the photography social network, it would release iPhone optimized and adapted to the terminals with Microsoft’s operating system.

Instagram for Windows Phone features

Therefore, would not bring news of any kind: no new features, or new filters for Windows Phone users. Although finally could participate in this great community and to retouch and share photographs.

But there is still more. The images that are referenced in this Twitter account would mean that these applications, or at least their space in Windows Phone Store would already be reserved.

Instagram for Windows Phone downloads

Following the comments and replicas of some users to this account of Twitter messages, it seems that it is necessary to have special access to get to the download or download these applications page.

In addition, from criticism he has received concerning the falsity of commented images, responsible for carrying that Twitter account has responded by providing other taken directly with a mobile phone to prove that they are not retouched by computer. It is clear that it is impossible to check the veracity of this information.

However, if we listen to official sources and what has been said about the arrival of this social network to the new operating system BlackBerry 10, presented last month, it is hard to believe that finally Instagram decided expand to other platforms.

And it is that, to date, this application is characterized by having strengthened its community of users on iPhone for several years before deciding to take the step to Android, which has grown tremendously. But it doesn’t seem to be the case for Windows Phone.

The best thing is therefore have no illusions and wait for the official confirmation by Instagram or, failing that, wait until may, when scheduled his departure according to these rumors.