How to transfer your photos from Instagram to google plus

A few months ago, Instagram lost enough followers after they update its terms of service.

Instagram to google plus

Many people migrated from Instagram to other services. One of the most difficult tasks at the time was to transfer Instagram photos to other social networking sites, since you have to first save the photos and upload them on other social networks.

This can be time consuming. If you are using Instagram and want to transfer your photos to Google +, Instagrab may be a good option.

Instagrab is a very useful tool that allows users to transfer their photos of Instagram to Google + to perfection in a private folder. The time that it takes to transfer the photos depends on the amount of photos that has shared in Instagram. Once the transfer is completed, you will receive a confirmation message in your provided email address.

How to use Instagrab

Using Instagrab, it is quite easy. You don’t have to install any application or add-on for the browser to make Instagrab work. All you have to do is visit Instagrab home page and click the icon of Instagram. This will ask you to login with your account of Instagram and authorize the application to access it.

Transfer Instagram to Google +

Now, the next step is authorizing the application to access their account from Google +. This is to ensure that the photos are uploaded in Google +.

connect google

After authorizing Instagrab to access both social networks, enter your email address in the corresponding field and click on “Queue it Up”. Began the process of transferring and send you an email in the specific e-mail address after the process is finished.

Transfer Instagram to Google 3


Instagrab is a very useful tool when it comes to transfer your photos from Instagram to Google +. The process may take some time, depending on the amount of photos. If you are wondering about your privacy, the developer has mentioned that none of the photos are stored in Instagrab and will not even use it to send you an email with any promotion or anything.

In conclusion, it must be said that it is a very useful application.

Visit Instagrab here and test it