How to find out who already don’t follow you on Twitter

8DF69VX7QVR5 Twitter is one of the most popular on the Internet microblogging network at the moment. The number of fans increases, becomes difficult to keep track of who is following / or cease to follow you. By default, Twitter makes that is you send an email when someone follows you, but you do not say anything if someone leave you follow.

How to find out who already don't follow you on Twitter

If you are one of those people who want to find out if someone has left you follow on Twitter, we have assembled a list of some useful online services. Check them out below.

Who Unfollowed Me

Who Unfollowed Me is another very useful service that not only lets users know who no longer follow it, but it can even say who the people are again, following that they are following you but you don’t follow them and the history of people who stopped following you.

Who Unfollowed Me

just login with your Twitter account and authorize the service to access your account. Keep in mind that won’t give you the statistics of people who stopped following him right after login will take one or two days to gather the necessary data. After authentication, will redirect you to your control panel with four different options: Who Unfollowed Me, Who’s Not Following Me Back, Who I’m not following back and Unfollower History.

The service also offers a pro’s payment that costs $12 per year and offers users the most advanced features, such as auto verification of followers, unfollow those who are not following it and much more.


JustUnfollow is another online tool that lets users know who no longer follow you on Twitter. With only Just Unfollow, you can even track down people who are following, people who already are not following you again, inactive followers and much more.


All you have to do is login with your Twitter ID and authorize the application to access your account. Within a few days, you will be given full statistics about people who let you follow on Twitter.


These are some useful online tools that allow users to keep track of his followers easily. If you know of any other tool that can help you to follow your followers, please share with us through the comments section below.