How to export contacts between iOS and Android

Given that Android and iOS manage your contacts in a different way, you will have to follow some steps to move them from one mobile to another.

How to export contacts between iOS and Android

 How to transfer contacts between Android and iOS

Both Android and IOS, the operating system of Apple, dominate the market for high-end cell. Both are quite different, and when a user wants to move from a system to another, and move your contacts, the process can be complicated.

Android uses Gmail to sync their contacts, on the other hand IOS uses iCloud, so if you decide to try the iPhone and you have Android, or if you have the Apple mobile and want to try some with Google’s system for transferring your contacts and not to lose them you must do the following:

Export contacts from Android to IOS

If your contacts are in your Gmail account, follow these steps:

Open Gmail and go to the contacts section, click “more options”, and then click “Export”. Opens a new window, where you will have to select the “My contacts” group, and as format choose “vCard”, then work on the iPhone.

Download these data and opens the iPhone iCloud. Log in to the application and click on contacts. In configuration, select “import vCard”, choose the copy that you previously saved and ready, already have all your contacts on your iPhone. Just be sure the application to synchronize them.

Export contacts stored on your phone

If you are of those who stored their contacts list on your phone, select the application that manages them in Android, and then click “export”. That’s it, then we will inform the name of the file that was exported, whose extension is “.vcf”.

To upload files to the iPhone, we must follow the same steps as explained.

Export contacts from iOS to Android

If what you want is to move your contacts from Apple to Android OS, he moved the information to iCloud, download the files and then upload to Gmail.