How to create a backup copy of your tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular currently microblogging services. The truth is that we cannot be sure of the survival of any online website, especially after the announcement of the closure of Google Reader. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you must back up your data on Twitter and save it to your computer or any services of cloud storage you want.

In the case of Twitter, you can download your file of tweets using Twitter or use any third-party tool to create a backup copy of your tweets.

Let’s take a look at these two methods

  • Create backup using twitter file
  • create backup using twdocs


Create backup copy using your Twitter file

Twitter users allows us to create a backup copy of your Twitter profiles that use a file of Twitter. The file has all their tweets that then you can download to your computer or view it in your browser ordered chronological. To create an archive of Twitter, sign into your Twitter account and go to settings.

How to create a backup copy of your tweets 1

Scroll through the settings page and click the Solicitarr file. Then create a file and you will be sent to your email when you are ready. It may take some time so that the service can create the file backup based on the number of tweets that have.

How to create a backup copy of your tweets

Once created the file, will be sent by email archive of tweets to your address email in a compressed format. to then simply extract the .zip contains a csv file, as well as an HTML file. You can view the HTML file in your browser that classify their tweets by date.

Twitter Archive

Create a backup of your tweets using TwDocs

TwDocs is a very useful tool that allows users to create a backup copy of their tweets online. You can not only download the latest tweets, but also messages direct, results of search, mentions, and more. It allows users to download the backup in multiple formats, including PDF, CSV, XML, HTML, XLS and XML. To get started, just select the amount of data that you want to export ‘I want to export’ section and click on the Go button. You will be asked to login with your Twitter account and authorize the web site to access your account.


If desired, you can change the appearance of the exported files. Simply click the Advanced Options button, and select the fields you want in the backup file.

twdocs download tweets

After the backup is created, will automatically begin the download process. Simply open the file and you will be able to see your tweets.

Finally I always recommend my readers to create a backup of all your important data in the cloud, portable flash units or just anywhere you want. It is not only in connection with online services, but also from your pc so when something unexpected happens, you know you have a backup.