How it works BlinkFeed in HTC One

How it works BlinkFeed in HTC One

The HTC One is the revelation of this year 2013 terminals with BlinkFeed. The Taiwanese company HTC presented him a few weeks before the Mobile World Congress 2013 with a sheet of impact.

It highlights its multi-touch screen 4.7 inch with a resolution of 1080p and quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 FullHD, although these are not the only benefits that have caught our attention.

In the field of software HTC did not want to stay short. The Taiwanese has equipped this device with one of the latest versions of Google, Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) icons, but also with the interface HTC Sense 5.

This is the software layer that allows HTC to customize the operation of the phone and add important distinctions regarding the rest of mobile phones carrying also installed the Android platform.

One of the improvements bringing HTC Sense is BlinkFeed. It’s a useful tool PEAR customize the device home screen. Then we tell you how it works.

What is BlinkFeed?

BlinkFeed is a tool that will allow you to customize the screen in a way quite quickly and easily, by transferring the content you are most interested to home.
So, when you open the phone only you have to click on the top of the home page to select the “Customize the home screen” option.

From here you can choose what kind of content want to see on the cover, to get all the information you need at a glance. Firstly, you can select the means and areas of interest that you want to keep you informed.

What can I set to my BlinkFeed?

You will have the option to choose newspapers, magazines and blogs very specific or select topics such as news, sports, fashion, technology, movies, books, etc.

When you return home, you will see that all the current already is moving on your home screen, so you don’t have to check site-by-site to keep you informed.

Another feature, which is surely as interesting as this, by setting up our own present on the home screen. You can activate this feature through the same space, in this case by selecting whether you want to receive inputs from:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIN
  • Twitter
  • Calendar
  • HTC Share

In this way, you will see steadily all the updates and changes that have occurred in your social networks, with the possibility to go getting new information by dragging and dropping the home screen itself (as shown in the video that you have above).

If you want to start trying this new user interface still have to wait a bit if you live in Latin America or some European countries.

HTC One will not be sale in Spain until the end of the month of April, for a price of 700 euros in the open market. Anyway, most likely also be put on sale through the main operators in the country.