Google Maps faster and more social for iPhone

Google Maps for Iphone1.1 for iOS []

Google maps for iPhone. The developers of Google continues to improve its maps application. This time the version for the Apple, iPhone mobile.

And it seems that after having become a hollow conducting your Google Maps application after the fiasco of Apple Maps, it deserves to continue working in this gap to get this smartphone users to continue to use this tool and do not own Apple.

For this reason they released a new update with the following improvements.

Improvements of the Google Maps for Iphone

In this case it’s version 1.1 of Google Maps, and its innovations are focused on improving agility in using this application. Rather than have been achieved thanks to the categories, a series of quick buttons when looking for places and establishments.

So, just press on the icon of the café to find coffee shops closer to the current location of the user, or the fork to find restaurants, or the service station for stations, from a much larger listing.

An issue which greatly accelerates performance and reduces the time that it takes to find a particular establishment.

Choice of the unit of measure desired is also included. Thus, from the settings menu the user can choose between kilometers and miles for measuring distances to these values appear on screen in one or another measure.

In Spain has no great significance, but which may be useful to users more travelers or those places where does not have a concrete metric system. And there is more news.

In this version of Google Maps 1.1 emphasizes the social aspect, and it seems that Google is still determined to introduce your social network applications and services offering.

In this way, it is possible to search for a friend or contact Google via Google Maps. This makes your address or location appears reflected on the map.

A utility for more frequent users to publish the places through which they move. This location can only be seen by the Google contacts. In addition, it is necessary to have a Google account where they are reflected these contact data to be able to search through the application.

Finally, while it does not affect Spain, has been exported the English version of this application to other countries. Something that in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar will appreciate if you want to search for places, see maps or search directions through Google Maps and no other tools of maps.

Download Google Maps for Iphone

In short, an update with interesting points that improve the management of this application. A step that Google should not be neglected if they wish to continue to count on one of the maps more useful and used tools, even in the platform competition.

Version 1.1 of Google Maps is now available for download on iPhone through the App Store. It is a completely free application.