Google launches One Today: mobile application of micro donations

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Google wants to try his luck with the donations among its community of Android users. The company has launched a mobile application called One Today, which encourages those users to make micro donations for one dollar to a series of causes that appear in the terminal or on a list that you can consult.

One Today what’s the strategy?

The strategy of Google with One Today is secure donation at a dollar (not donate more money even if you want), but encourage to share that donation with your friends so that they also can decide to donate a dollar.

Thus, Crumb to crumb, among many is it becomes a good sum of money that can improve the quality of life of those who most need it.

Google says in the terms and conditions coming from every $10 that are donated, 9.81 to the cause. Those 19 cents range in rates payments using credit card, although I suppose that a part of those rates will also go towards Mountain View.

Still it is a very small part of a project that has much potential, taking into account the nearly thousand million Android users that exist in the world.

One Today just in USA for now

By the time the initiative is only available as program pilot in the United States, and you must request an invitation to access the service. We hope that it will eventually spreading to more countries and their access will be more open.

Sitio oficial | Google One Today
Descarga | Google One Today en Google Play