First screenshots of VLC for Windows 8

Vlc for windows 8 []

I have spoken several times of the version of VLC for Windows 8: since I was raised on Kickstarter project until they reached the proposed goal, with some prototype between.

And now, again we have news, because the team behind the project has published a post informing of the current situation. It could be summarized in: almost, but not yet.

And it is that, although initially estimated dates were of three months, we are on way to the four since the funding target has been reached and the product is not finished.

However, although the start date will not be meet, they have covered enough ground. It is, therefore, that they have shown some screenshots.

What leads these lines is one of them and although it does not say much, more can you tell us the following, which is the home screen:

VLC for Windows 8: Home screen

vlc windows 8 cvoncept

And they have also released an image of the Player doing… well, playing:

vlc for windows 8 playing video []

VLC for Windows 8 playing a video

In the post published on Kickstarter have detailed some of the vicissitudes that have had to deal with and they are the reason for the delay, and at the same I refer you to the more technical and interested in such details.

Regarding dates, they have preferred to avoid getting into that garden and they have not specified any, although they say that the extras for those who contributed will begin to be sent soon.

Let us remember that the project exceeded the 40,000 pounds that was required to carry out five days before the date fixed and 3,080 benefactors that ended up providing the final figure of 47,056 pounds participated in total.

A success which is demonstrated for the interest that had (and have) with existence of a version for WinRT of the popular audio and video player.