Facebook Home for iOS: Chatheads and the stickers

Facebook Home for iOS [gadgetbeta.com]

Facebook home for iOS: That Facebook may not lead their full Home to iOS due to the characteristics of the system, does not mean they cannot incorporate some of the functions in your application. And that is what they have done in Menlo Park with the latest version, 6.0, available now: Add known as chatheads and the stickers.

What is a Chathead in facebook home for iOS?

The chatheads are those rounded icons that appear on one side of the screen and can then place in either and at any height. These icons are always present in any section of the application, floating on the screen, so we can chat no matter what you are seeing.

In the wake of Line, also they have incorporated stickers inside the chat, those huge emoticons that you can add in any chat conversation. At the time, and as indicated in the update, these images are not available yet for everyone, but it seems that they will be soon.

These two things are undoubtedly the most striking, especially after the emergence of Facebook Home, but it is not the only thing that has been added in this version. The new design that goes along with which it presented to the web, also including lists and the new sections such as music or games has also been added.

Facebook Home for iOS and messaging

Being as they are in Cupertino and very good relationship that Zuckerberg keep with them, it is clear that this is all going to get Facebook Home to iOS. But aside from this, Facebook bet is also clear to become an option to consider in the field of mobile messaging. But to get to unseat their rivals in this area like WhatsApp is another matter.