Error “rejected SIM card” or “non accepted SIM card”

The SIM (subscriber identity module) card is a small card inside your phone that establishes a network connection, which is provided by your operator or service provider-based. What to do when it fails?

Error rejected SIM card or non accepted SIM card

How to fix a SIM card error

Our cell phone may display a message “SIM card rejected” or “SIM card unaccepted”. For these cases, we see some common causes that produce it and its solutions.

SIM card out of adjustment: it may be that the SIM card is out of alignment, caused by the fall of the phone, a sharp blow, either was opened recently and the card is out of adjustment. Follow the installation instructions for this card that appear in the user’s manual.

PUK code error: another possibility is that code, PUK personal unblocking key, has been entered incorrectly several times, causing the deactivation of the SIM card and the corresponding message “SIM card rejected”. If this seems permanent, please contact your service provider to obtain a new SIM card.

Change of operator: another common mistake happens when we change the service operator. If recently that the transfer was made, it is possible that the SIM card or phone are configured for the old company, and will need to update them.

It is also possible that the phone is configured so that it cannot be used with a SIM card from another carrier or service provider. For assistance, contact customer care.

If despite these steps have made the error continues, it is likely that the SIM card is damaged. Contact your provider to test and/or replace the SIM card.