How to download music from Youtube

We will proceed to explain the step by step to extract the music from a youtube video and save it to an MP3 file.

It is possible to download Youtube MP3 music

Now people are turning increasingly to P2P programs to get their favorite songs in format mp3, why does this happen?, is more and more record companies offer various types of options to get songs in a way much more simple, without resorting to piracy and even sometimes free (does not apply in all cases) that happens with Youtube, some record companies have signed an agreement in which is allowed to download multimedia content without paying money and without having to engage in piracy.

For music download from Youtube, will need to go to this website:, as we can see Web page presents no difficulty, we will only have to insert the link of the music video which we extract the music and else the system will take care of Web page.

How to download music from Youtube step by step

To avoid having greater difficulty, we will proceed to explain step by step we will have to continue to be able to download songs from Youtube:

  1. Copy the address of the Video with the theme song to download from Youtube
  2. Go to this website:
  3. Paste the address copied in the white box
  4. Click on the yellow button DOWLOAD
  5. The program of the Web takes some minutes turning the video into an MP3
  6. Of conversion we can download the song in MP3 format

How to download music from Youtube

As you can see the download process is very easy and simple, only need 6 steps to get our favorite music on our PC and MP3 format.