How to disable the translations bar in Google Chrome

When you browse sites in another language, Google Chrome offers you to translate them automatically… with much insistence that insurance you’ll want to disable the message.

What is the Google Chrome translations bar?

Surely you ever suffered it: you’re browsing between websites, looking for information, and there is an annoying bar that appears at the top of the screen that tells you that the site is in such language, offering you if you want to translate it or not, or if you want to do it automatically.

The result is usually a good work of mechanical translation if you are reading a technical manual, but a disaster when you are browsing social sites, blogs or pages with content more unencumbered.

If you want to disable the translations bar of Google Chrome, click the button shaped like a key of workshop that appears to the right of the browser, and when unfold the menu, choose options. Within them, we find the button or link advanced. In the third sector of the advanced options you’ll see ‘Translate’.

How to disable the translations bar in Google Chrome 1

There, disables the box that indicates “Offering to translate pages that are not in a language that I can read”. Then, click on close to apply and save the changes, and you’ve already removed the automatic translation toolbar.How to disable the translations bar in Google Chrome

To retrieve it, follow the process in the same way, this time by checking the corresponding box.