How to calculate the BTU of an air conditioning

It is time to prepare the House for the summer, but before you buy, we need to calculate the BTU you need the air conditioner according to the size of the room, and other parameters.

How to calculate the BTU of an air conditioning

Formula to calculate the amount of an air conditioner BTU

For an exact calculation of BTU necessary of a air conditioning need to take multiple factors into tale as the average temperature of the region, the material of the walls of the environment, especially the external, type and size of openings and the size of the room.

However for cooling an atmosphere of a family home can be a very simple equation that gives a fairly reliable result.

To be able to calculate the BTU we need in air conditioning, we need to know the cubic meters of the room. To do this we must multiply the width of the room by the long and high, all using meter as unit. The result of this multiplication will give us the cubic meters of the place. For example 5 m x 4 m 2, 5m high is = 50 m3

If this value we multiply it by 50, we will obtain the amount of BTU you need air conditioning. Following the example of 50m 3 for 50 = 2500 BTU.

The commercial values of BTU the immediate superior will take to the previously calculated value. It will usually be 2750 BTU.

An undersized air conditioning will generate excessive consumption and may not maintain temperature on very hot days. One very large will be wasting the money, because the consumer will not diminish.

The temperature recommended to set air conditioning equipment should be between 24 and 26 degrees. Lower temperatures are harmful to health, especially if you are exposed to outputs with large temperature differences.