How to buy in china, the best stores to shop in china online

At this point, several have bought in usa but in china is also a good place to buy electronic, cell phones, gadgets, consoles accessories, mp3/mp4 etc. If now you are interested in buying in china online with this post you will know which are the best websites.

How to buy in china the best stores to shop in china online

  1. or founded in 2007, is an online marketplace, mainly for mobile phones manufactured in China, wedding dresses and dresses of clone of famous brands, aimed at the high-end market. With an investment of risk, who have dedicated resources to advertising and its products have a relatively expensive price. Due to the effects of a kind of order of low conversion and the financial crisis, are doing to offer cheaper products.
  2. Sourcingmap is a consignor of the drop online components of mobile phones and accessories founded in 2007. They enjoy stable of customers thanks to the stability in the component and aftermarket. But high prices have limited his performance in the final low market segment.
  3. is the response of alibaba to offer direct purchase similar to eBay in which there are many individual Chinese traders and companies. the majority are same sellers on its site alibaba b2b is a good choice to buy in china in a relatively safe manner.
  4. Dhgate is a trading platform similar to eBay in which there are many individual Chinese sellers online. These vendors offer products at low prices. But they do not enjoy a high level of credibility since its products are mostly clones and knockoffs of well-known groups.
  5. share great similarities with the, Tradetang is also a commercial platform in line with reproductions of branded products.
  6. founded in 2008, is an Internet-based Bigboxstore to the wholesale and suppliers of consumer electronics drop ship manufactured in China, such as MP3 and MP4 players, cell phones.
  7. with the marketing strategy for SEO, Chinavasion is a wholesaler of consumer electronics online Chinese manufacture established in 2005. They offer products at prices moderate in quality control but in narrow categories.
  8. started in 2006 as a supplier of cellular phone repair and a gradual expansion tool product categories. Now, it counts with a wide selection of products, but at a price relatively expensive.
  9. in comparison with its competitors, dealextreme is a web site of relatively fledgling electronic commerce that was relatively established a couple of years ago. However, the site has survived and won one quick develop over all in Spain or Latin America itself focuses on variety of products supply from china, computer products and computer peripherals, toys or accessories of consoles at prices lower than their rivals with worldwide shipping free or reduced.

Note : If you know other sites or have questions on how to do a purchase comment, stores mentioned above accept international paypal or cards and shipped worldwide.