The best ways to backup your Gmail account

Until recently, Gmail was considered a highly reliable email service. But recently it has shown that nothing is perfect, Gmail is no exception.

The best ways to backup your Gmail account

Some weeks ago, some 40,000 Gmail accounts suffered cuts and had to bear the weight of the hardware failure.

Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry later. So here I am with a list of ways to backup your email in Gmail:

1. Desktop email client

One of the methods easier and conventional for a backup, is to download emails to your hard drive using a desktop email client. Some good applications I recommend are:

Mozilla Thunderbird (for Windows, Mac yLinux)
Windows Live Mail (Windows only)
Apple Mail (OS X)

If you are using the client for all your email needs, then you should connect through IMAP, but if you want it only for purposes of backup, POP will have no problem.

It is quite easy to set up the accounts, but if you need more information, don’t hesitate to ask.

2.  hotmail

An alternative approach would be to make a backup copy of your email in another mail service. And for this work, what could be better than Hotmail?

Step 1. Access your Hotmail account and opening TrueSwitch. Fill in all details as your Gmail address current, things that you would like to copy etc

In addition, you can select “Resend email messages 90 days to your Hotmail address” so that all emails you receive in the next 90 days will be automatically sent to Hotmail.

Step 2. Wait 24 hours until all mail is imported. Until then, see a couple of movies =)!

After the first 90-day period in which emails are forwarded automatically (if you have chosen this option), you can configure forwarding in your Gmail account. Only active Gmail “Forwarding and IMAP mail” configuration to your account from Hotmail as the new address.

Be sure to choose “Save copy of Gmail in your Inbox.” So basically they are storing data in the clouds of two giants. Hotmail and gmail, making it also the probability of both down at the same time is almost impossible.

3. Backupify

If you are even more lazy and want to fully automate the process, then, try Backupify. Backupify offers 2GB backup storage for free, which should be sufficient. I honestly say, I’ve never used up to 1 GB of storage in my Gmail, so that should be enough. If you need more space, also are paid plans.

You can also make backup copies of many of its other services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more, and is compatible with Google Apps.


4. GMail Backup

GMail Backup is a software that copies of safety of your emails to your hard drive. Although this software was last updated 20. February 2009; Works fine on Windows 7 (I have tested on my Windows 7 64 bit). You have the option of support emails either from the time period selected or only new mails.

download: GMail Backup

5. MailStore

MailStore is an e-mail client that you can retrieve emails from various services. In the same way that in Gmail-create backup, MailStore offers automatic backups of your email, but it is compatible with a wide range of email services.

It is compatible with mailbox of mail other mailboxes by using POP3 or IMAP Internet, like Gmail or Yahoo mail, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Microsoft Exchange Server and Hosted Exchange, Thunderbird, Seamonkey etc

download: MailStore