6tag: instagram alternative for Windows Phone

Today, for all users of Windows Phone, we’ll submit the application 6tag, an interesting instagram alternative for fun and interact with our friends from wherever we are.

instagram alternative

6tag is an application that will provide us all the options of the official version of Instagram on other platforms, and can upload pictures and videos, as well as also access interesting editing tools.

An Instagram alternative in constant evolution.

6tag developers are responsible every day for work hard looking for generate updates that allow each user to have much more interesting experience. This is why it will offer us a tool that has already been translated into more than 10 languages and which therefore can be enjoyed by users located in every corner of the globe, making use either of our front or rear camera and getting excellent photographs or video.

On the other hand, 6tag also will delight us with a simple and intuitive user interface, using colorful options both at the time of upload our files as well as in case of needing to access the edit section. It’s an application that does not have limits of rises, so will share each of our moments, travel, outputs with friends and others instantly.

In terms of other characteristics of popularity at the time of 6tag to mention, you can also enjoy a great integration to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other. In this way we will be able to extend this fun experience with friends and family around the world.

Get ready to enter yourself into the characteristics of 6tag, a great alternative of Instagram to download from the app store for Windows Phone that undoubtedly will meet our expectations of ample way.